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Is your computer slow? Do you have to wait for programs to open? Is it slow loading websites? Is your hard drive always busy reading files?

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With a single click, we will scan your computer and find errors to fix, files to delete, settings to adjust, and hundreds of other hidden problems. Don't believe it? Download our free trial* and let My Faster PC clean-up your computer.

Just like you clean your home or tune-up your car, you computer needs regular maintaince to keep it clean and running fast. Download My Faster PC today to start with your free scan.

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Maybe you've seen us on TV? Our TV ad gives you a quick overview of what My Faster PC does and how it can help you!

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Customer Reviews...

But don't just listen to us, see what actual users have to say about My Faster PC and how our software helped speed up their computers.

These are real customers and not paid to endorse our product. We had a chance to capture these short interviews when we were filming our TV commercial recently.

It's also good to know that if you have other PC problems, our team is here to help you. Our My Phone Support agents can connect to your PC to remove viruses, help setup networks, and much more.

Get 7 Great Tools to Clean Your PC!

Clean Your Disk & Files

Our powerful disk cleaner removes crud, junk, temp files, and cache that slows down your disk and wastes hard drive space.

Turbo-Charged Startup

My Faster PC can speed your startup time by disabling or delaying unwanted startup programs – helping your PC start faster.

Optimize Settings

My Faster PC can optimize various hidden Windows settings for optimal performace and help boost system speed.

System Tools

Get easy access to hidden system tool right from My Faster PC and make sure your system is checking for Windows updates and Microsoft security fixes.

Fix Registry Issues

Our high speed registry scanner reviews your entire Windows registry for broken keys and a range of registry issues to repair.

Clean Toolbars & Apps

My Faster PC scans for unwanted browser toolbars, add-ons, and programs that can clog your disk, slow your PC, and risks your security.

Defrag Your Drive

Our free My Defragmenter utility will defragment your drives to help speed disk operations and hard drive performance.

Guaranteed Safe

My Faster PC guaranteed safe to use and free from viruses or malware. Our program is certified by AppEsteem and our website is safe.

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So, are you ready to clean up your computer and see the My Faster PC difference? Download now to get started.

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Before you buy a new computer or bring your PC to the repair shop, try My Faster PC and see how a simple tune-up and cleaning can make real improvements in your PC performance.

We're so confident that My Faster PC can help clean your computer that we encourage you to download our free trial* and see for yourself. Just download, scan your system, and fix 20 issues, defragment your drive, and optimize your PC – all for free. If you like the results, just purchase the full version for a full clean-up and all our other great features.